Heart to Heart’s aims to support the congenital heart defect community in Maine.  We hope to accomplish this by offering support to families and individuals affected by congenital heart disease and by supporting agencies and programs whose goal is to improve the lives of people with CHD.   Here are a list of the services offered by Heart To Heart:

Comfort Bags in the Hospital

Your time in the hospital can be extremely stressful.  It leaves many parents and loved ones feeling helpless and alone.  We hope that our comfort bags will make your stay in the hospital a little more comfortable.  Often times the parents are in the waiting room or bedside nearly around the clock; getting very little rest and spending no time to care for themselves.  Heart To Heart hopes that the comfort bags delivered to the cardiac families in the ICU might make the experience a little smoother.  Delivered by the cardiologist or the nurses the bags will include:  basic tolietries, puzzle books, information on local churches, hotels and restaurants, gift cards to the hospital cafeteria, water bottles, tissues and cards.  Along with the comfort bags we are also proud to deliver Brave Kid Kits to each child post surgery before they move up to the children’s floor at Barbara Bush Hospital.  These kits include a superhero cape, stickers, lunch box and book.  If you or someone you know is interested in receiving a comfort bag or Brave Kid Kit at Maine Medical Center’s ICU unit please e-mail Christina Francis at

CHD Family Parties

Heart To Heart has two family parties a year for CHD families who are looking to meet other families going through similar experiences.  This is open to any family or individual affected by CHD.  We have a summer party and winter party.  This allows the parents a chance to meet other parents who have children with a CHD and it also allows the children to meet others who are like them.  This is a chance for the entire family to come out and enjoy time with one another.  It is also helpful for the siblings of CHD kids because it allows the brothers and sisters to be part of the CHD community in a fun, free and non threatening environment.  During these events we provide food and fun family activities for all attendees.  It’s a great chance to meet other CHD families.

Annual Fundraiser for Other CHD Agencies

There are a number of agencies, programs and organizations who work to improve the lives of those with CHD.  Each year we will hold a fundraising event and grant the raised money to an agency whose work within the CHD community has made and continues to make a difference.  This is an opportunity to both raise awareness for this number one birth defect, meet others who are involved in this important cause and support programs whose goal is to learn more and do more for CHD. Information for 2014 Fundraiser coming soon.

CHD Adult Support Groups

We offer an adult only support group for parents of children with CHD and adult survivors with CHD.  The Heart To Heart Support Groups run twice a year.  The support groups often begins with a guest speaker and continues with an opportunity for the adults to discuss their feelings, experiences, and questions in a safe and comfortable setting.  This is a great opportunity for people to get together, share their experiences and express their doubts, fears and moments of joy.  We also will spend a portion of this time to discuss fundraising for CHD agencies and ways to raise awareness for CHD. Our next adult only support group will be held on January 11th in Freeport.  For more information e-mail