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Heart to heart

It is our hope at Heart to Heart that we can connect families in Maine affected by CHD with other families going through similar situations. I will never forget the first "heart mom" I met and how relieving it was to meet another mom who had a child diagnosed with a similar heart defect as my daughter. I still find other family's stories both rewarding and special. Sharing your own story with another family and being there as a source of comfort can mean so much to the other person while also giving you the sense that you have reached out and helped someone else.

Person to Person

As these partnerships and relationships grow we hope to expand the support by having events for CHD families throughout the state.

When struggling through the diagnosis, the treatment and the life long effects of CHD we sometimes need the comfort of knowing others who are in similar situations. It's a relief to know that others are by your side. You are not alone.

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